Soups to soothe the soul

Three soups to lift your mood. After the season of indulgence has subsided, I’m ready to swing back into healthier eating habits.

These are three of my favourite soups that I love to whistle up by using some kitchen-cupboard essentials and frozen ingredients. Each one is quick to make, big on taste and adaptable to my mood or the ingredient that are available…

Loosely inspired from a long weekend in Norway, the fish soup is nutritiously comforting. Packed with chunky veg and fish, it filled the spot after a morning hike in the autumn sunshine.

The noodle, gyoza and Thai curry soups are my go-to dishes when I need to cleanse or spice up my spirits.

Big bowls of goodness

The basic idea is to start with the broth then gradually drop in the rest of ingredients. I like to prepare the noodles before, place them in the bowl first then pour over the warm broth.

Feel free to be creative. Make use of what you have lingering in the fridge, cupboard and freezer. Choose a deep bowl to serve one of these delicious soups.

Scandi-inspired chunky fish soup

Finely chop one small onion and a red pepper. Heat up 500 ml of fish stock, add a handful of fresh dill and a tablespoon of tomatoes paste. Throw in a small potato cut into little chunks. When the potatoes are tender, add a portion of frozen fish (salmon, cod and smoked haddock) and some frozen peas. Let this simmer until the ingredients are all cooked through. Season to taste if needed.

Noodles and gyoza in a miso broth

Precook one portion of egg noodles and steam 4-6 gyoza depending on how hungry you are. Place them in your bowl so you can get started on the broth.

In a heavy-based pan, mix one sachet of miso paste, 300 ml of vegetable stock and one tablespoon of soya sauce.  When the soup base has come to a simmering point, add one small pak choi roughly chopped and a handful of edamame beans. Let it cook for a further 5-10 minutes. When ready, pour the aromatic broth over the ready prepared noodles and gyoza. Season with more soya sauce if needed.

Thai-style red curry coconut soup

Precook one portion of vermicelli noodles, place them in your bowl then prepare the coconut soup base. In a heavy-based pan, add one tablespoon of red curry paste, two tablespoons of fish sauce, one teaspoon of sugar to half a can of coconut milk and 500 ml of vegetable stock.

Throw in one small pak choi roughly chopped, one small echalote and a handful of cherry tomatoes chopped in half. Let it simmer for 5-10 minutes. When ready, pour over your ready prepared noodles. Season with extra fish sauce if needed.

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  1. As a big soup fan,I just love your recipes! I know frozen spices don’t taste as good as fresh but would frozen dill (or other spices) work for the fish soup? #askingforafriend

    1. salhorspool says:

      Hi there, you can use frozen dill if that’s what you have. Some flat leaf parsley can also work. Thanks for your comment 😀

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