Veganuary is here, should I take cover?

January is the month to consider becoming vegan for 30 days. As a foodie who eats no meat but loves cheese and fish, I’m unsure about abstaining from the food I love for a month, never mind forever.

Slow and happy cooking

Feed your slow cooker with plenty of seasonal vegetables, pulses, stock, herbs and spices.  A ‘no hurry’ and mindful way to cook in busy times… and you’ll be continuously rewarded with some satisfying, sweet and savoury concoctions.

Soups to soothe the soul

The twinkly lights have been taken down, I’m ready to swing back into somewhat healthier eating habits.
These are three of my favourite no-hassle, one-pot soups that I love to whistle up from some kitchen-cupboard essentials and a few extra frozen ingredients. Each one is quick to make, big on taste and adaptable to the mood you are in…

Quick-fix avo toast

Avocado anytime… healthy snack, quick lunch or breakfast. Go simple or with a twist!